The Aeroacoustics and Noise Control Laboratory (AANCL) was established in 1995 to perform researches on all aspects of aerodynamically or hydrodynamically induced noise and its control.

Noise control has become one of highlighted research topics during recent decades from a huge variety of technical societies (especially Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering) due to environmental issues on human community.

Especially, the demand for environment-friendly products from consumers combined with the stricter law enforcement from government make the field of Aeroacoustics rich with possibilities.

The AANCL develops numerical tools for noise prediction through indirect simulation (Acoustic Analogy/ Kirchhoff Method) or direct simulation (Computational Aeroacoustics) for Moving Vehicles (Helicopters, Airplanes, High-speed trains, Automobiles, Submarines), Turbomachines (Fan, Propeller, Compressor, Turbine), Thermoacoustic applications and Industrial plants.

Experimental analyses are also pursued by using Anechoic Wind Tunnel / Anechoic Chambers with various measurement techniques, and modern Active Noise Control (ANC) methods are applied on noise cancellation of ducted machines.

Main Research Topics
Rotor , Propeller, Fan Noise prediction and Control
Turbo Machinery (Copressor, Gas Turbine,Turbo Engine)Noise prediction & Control
Helicopter Aerodynamics & Noise Anlaysis/Measurement/Control
High Speed Vehicle Aerodymanics &Noise Prediction & control
Active Noise Control
Combustion Noise Prediction & Control
Computational Aeroacoustics, Expeimental Aeroacostics
Sound Quality
Environmental Noise Evaluation