Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity [Sponsor: Doosan Heavy Industry]

Aerodynamics of wind turbine is investigated considering blade deflection. In the structural part, wind turbine blades such as slender structure lead to a splitting of the problem into a linear, two dimensional cross-sectional analysis and a nonlinear, one dimensional beam theory. In the aerodynamic part, unsteady vortex lattice method is used for calculating aerodynamic forces.

Ref: Renewable Energy2008, October 2008


Wind Turbine Noise Analysis [Sponsor: Doosan Heavy Industry, BK21]


Noise analysis of wind turbine is investigated. Currently a newly developed efficient numerical method (WINFAS) is applied to wind turbine noise prediction. Based on distributed source assumption and rotating blade application, time domain noise fluctuation is predictable. Also, a propagation method is on development and wind turbine noise test about annoyance is on investigation.


Ref: New & Renewable Energy, September 2007


Aeroacoustics Characteristics of Wind Turbine Airfoils


Flatback airfoil is used for the inboard region of large wind turbines blades to meet structural requirements. The drawbacks are supposed to increase the base drag and generate the trailing edge vortex shedding noise. Serrated airfoil is made to reduce the turbulent boundary layer trailing edge noise. The tonal and broadband noise characteristics generaged by the flow past flatback and serrated airfoils are predicted using a hybrid LES/RANS segregated method. A multi-domain decomposition is considered, where the acoustic sources are resolved with a LES sub-domain embedded in the RANS domain.